"Having gratitude brings magical things."--- Driver, Oriental Health Practitioner, Luz Richardson

As I drove to the set for the latest Crepe Erase commercial shoot I was blessed with an opportunity to pause and remember to be grateful for each moment. My driver, who is also an Oriental Health Practitioner and I spoke of the importance of respecting others, the karma of money, being present in the moment, the power of the Universe and gratitude.

When was the last time you expressed gratitude for something as simple as a sunny day or a puppy's kiss? Appreciation and emitting love can seem impossible when others' actions challenge you in this a fast paced world where texts and social media posts reign supreme and personal contact is often overlooked. At times we need to disconnect and recall human connection.

When my 45 minute ride was over she thanked me for reminding her to be present in the moment and I expressed gratitude for her energy and for my day ahead. I walked into the studio radiating internal beauty and feeling on top of the world. The day which unfolded was glorious.

Together, we can all uplift each other.


"Having Gratitude Brings Magical Things."

So thankful for #CrepeErase and for Luz Richardson for sharing love and positive messages.

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