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Whether it’s Rosie the Riveter or #LikeAGirl, images of empowered women have been used for decades to market to the coveted female demographic. But the key to selling to women – and keeping them as customers – isn’t just about girl power. It’s about girlfriends. When you tap into the very traits women seek in their friends, female family members and even themselves, you’ve not only made a sale, you’ve made a loyal customer.

Establish Authenticity

Remember that popular girl in school who suddenly wanted to sit next to you in class? Sure, you were thrilled to be the center of her attention, but deep down you wondered if she just wanted to copy your homework.

It’s a lesson in authenticity that’s learned in girlhood, and sticks with you when you’re grownup. So next time you make a sales pitch, make sure it’s not a pitch at all. Instead think of it as a conversation, educating women on the facts, features and benefits of a product or service. It’s an authentic effort to help her make a well-educated decision that should naturally lead to a purchase.

Identify the Wow Factor

Women tend to be savvier shoppers than men, with a wider frame of reference about the variety of products available to them. That’s why it’s even more vital when marketing to women to identify what makes your product different. The market is cluttered with competitive products, and your job is to cut through the noise. Your customer has the technology at her fingertips to shop anywhere, anytime. She can compare models, prices and features across brands in minutes. Your job is to rise above the noise and pinpoint that one must-have factor that sets your product apart. Wow her!

Press Hot Buttons

It’s not pretty, but it sure is true. As a woman, some of your most lasting connections are to people (and products!) that appeal to your hot button issues. If you’re someone who likes to express her feelings, you probably seek out friends who really listen. If you’re prone to feeling shy at parties, you go with friends who can break the ice for you.

In the same way, products must have an attribute that resonates with a woman’s hot buttons And if you can identify how your product resolves that uniquely female issue – and sell to that – you will find success. Sometimes called “revealing pain points,” this sales strategy evokes an emotional reaction. And when you strike that deep chord, you make a connection, a sale, and sometimes a life-long customer.

Maintain Honesty & Integrity

Sometimes true enthusiasm to make a sale can lead to over-promising. While that can lead to short-term gains, it does nothing for building long-term loyalty. Women are especially attuned to third-party recommendations. A negative customer review can be the kiss of death, whereas a positive third-p

arty recommendation is worth its weight in gold. Whether you’re selling to men or women, honesty and avoiding false claims is key to continuity sales and return customers.

If you believe in your product, maintain authenticity, help your customer cut through the clutter, and speak to her unique needs, you will not only discover what women want, you will be rewarded with what women buy!

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